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PSY100 Psychology 3 Credits
This course is designed to be a broad survey to expose students to the major areas of
psychology and to foster a basic understanding of the concepts and vocabulary of the study.
Topics will include the history of psychology, the ethics of psychology study, the biological
basis of behavior, the nature of perception, and the states of consciousness, learning,
memory, cognition, and mental abilities, motivation and emotion, personalities, disorders,
among others.

PSY105 Child Growth and Development 3 Credits
A study of childhood development from the prenatal period through adolescence. The practical
aspects of child rearing are stressed. Special emphasis is placed on normal physical, social,
and psychosocial growth so the student can recognize normal development as well as
deviations from the normal.

PSY210 Medical Psychology 3 Credits
In this course, the student studies the behavioral and psychological factors associated with
medical illness, pain, and disability. Emphasis is placed on the psychological adjustment of
an individual and the family to the changes in lifestyle that come about because of medical
illness/disability. Methods used to motivate and impact behavior change in the treatment
of these individuals are also emphasized. Students will discuss and develop sensitivity for
persons with disability, cultural, and socioeconomic differences.

PSY305 The Nature of Consciousness 3 Credits
A scientific exploration of the latest theories about the nature of human consciousness.
Students will explore the biological, psychological, and social mechanisms that influence and
create human consciousness. Special attention is paid to emotions, intention,
and proprioception.
Prerequisite: PSY100

PSY410 Personality and Behavior Traits 3 Credits
This course is designed to introduce students to the complexity of the human personality. The
study includes an overview of theories in relations to human evolution, biological traits, social
construction, and institutions based on research and limitations.
Prerequisite: PSY100

PSY420 Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits
This course provides an examination of the various psychological disorders as well as
theoretical, clinical, and experimental perspectives of the study of psychopathology.
Emphasis is on terminology, classification, etiology, assessment, and treatment of the major
disorders. A combination of theory, research and illustrative case and film study is used
to present the course material. Students will be asked to describe normal and abnormal
behavior patterns as well as demonstrate knowledge of etiology, symptoms, impairment and
therapeutic techniques.
Prerequisite: BIO105 or PSY100

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