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Class Registration
Students are pre-registered for their first term. After this term, scheduling becomes the
responsibility of the student. Students should contact their advisor regarding appropriate
course selection and are advised to keep and update their program road map.

Veterans Priority Registration
Central Penn College will offer priority registration for Veterans, current military service
members, and dependents (military-connected students) who can provide proof of
military connection. Priority registration means that military-connected students will be
able to register for courses immediately once registration is open for the term.

Veterans and military members who are not receiving education benefits must submit
a copy of one of the following documents to the Military Benefits Coordinator or
Registration office in order to receive priority registration:
• US Armed Forces Active Duty Orders
• DD214 under honorable or general conditions
Documentation must be received no later than the end of the second full week of the
term to receive priority registration for the upcoming term.

Registration Deadlines
Registration for students is accessible online through the student portal. Open
registration occurs during Week 4, 5, and 6. All students are able to register for classes
regardless of where they are in the financial aid process. After open registration,
students must use the drop/add form to change their schedule. Registrations occurring
after the payment due date must have financial clearance from the business office.
Tuition bills are mailed Week 8. Students should contact the Business Office for
questions or issues regarding tuition payments. An email will be sent to students during
Weeks 9, 10 and 11 if their account is not paid/cleared.

All residential students must be registered for a minimum of nine credits and have
their student account paid/cleared by the Friday of Week 10. If the tuition bill is not
paid/cleared by 12 p.m. on the Friday of Week 11, classes will be dropped. Residential
students will not be permitted to register for the upcoming term after the Friday of Week

Residential students not meeting the registration deadline will be required to remove
their belongings from student housing and return their keys to the Office of Public Safety
by 5 p.m. Saturday of Week 11.

All non-residential students must be registered and have their student account paid/
cleared by the Friday of Week 10. If the tuition bill is not paid/cleared by 12 p.m. on
the Friday of Week 11, classes will be dropped. Non-residential students will not be
permitted to register for the upcoming term after the Tuesday of Week 1.
Students taking classes during summer terms will need to reapply for financial aid.
The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is due May 1. To apply, go to Any questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

Add / Drop Period
The course add/drop form can be accessed through the student portal. Students may
only add classes during the first week of the term.

Dropping a Course
In order to withdraw from a course with a grade of “W,” a student must do so prior to
the close of Week seven (7). A student withdrawing after Week seven (7) will receive an
“F.” Prior to dropping a course, students should contact their advisor in order to discuss
any potential academic progress implications. Students should also see the Financial
Aid Office and Business Office to review potential financial implications including the
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy and Refund and Distribution Policy.

Repeating Courses
If a student fails a course, that course may be repeated. MTH010, ENG101, ENG101E,
ENG102 and IDS101 may only be repeated one time. Courses in the major failed twice
may only be repeated with approval of the appropriate chair.

Auditing Policy
Students may attend or audit classes not included in the student’s particular program.
If auditing, students do not take exams and do not earn a grade or credit. Permission to
audit a class may be obtained from the professor and approval of the Registrar.

Non-Degree / Non-Program
Students may be accepted without declaring a specific major in order to fulfill
admissions requirements, enhance job skills, or pursue educational enrichment.
Students may take up to 13 credits before declaring a major, at which time an application
for admission into a degree program must be submitted to the admissions office.
Students will be required to take a FOCUS evaluation that will assist them in determining
their career path. All students must declare a major prior to receiving financial aid.

Name and Address Change
In order to keep our student records updated, the College asks for student to notify
the Office of Records and Registration of any name and/or address changes. Students
should review the directions for the requirement of certain official and, at times,
notarized documents. Students should contact the Office of Records and Registration for
any questions in completing such forms and any required documents associated with it.

Transcripts are prepared by the Office of Records and Registration. Orders for transcripts
can be place online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Go to Central Penn’s
website at and follow the instructions for ordering.

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