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Requests for Reinstatements occur after students are administratively withdrawn from a course after failing to attend for 14 consecutive days. The 14 consecutive days may take place as follows:

  1. During the first two weeks of term, if a student does not attend a course for the entire first two weeks, they will be administratively unregistered from the course.
  2. If students does not maintain attendance for ALL of their courses for a consecutive 14 days, they will be administratively withdrawn from all courses.

Students who are unregistered after the first two weeks for not attending, are not charged tuition for the course because they never attended the class. However, students who are dropped from classes will be charged tuition per the Refund and Distribution Policy.

A student who has been unregistered from a course for failing to attend during the first two weeks of the term cannot be reinstated to the course, unless there was an error marking attendance.

A student who has been administratively withdrawn from all courses for failing to attend after the first two weeks may, within three days following the drop, request reinstatement in any or all courses by submitting the Request for Reinstatement Form in their Student Portal. The instructor will approve or deny the Request in their Faculty Portal within 48 hours after it is received, stating the decision to reinstate or not reinstate the student.

When making that decision, the College may consider whether:

  1. The student has shown evidence that they will succeed.
  2. The student has articulated a plan on their Request for Reinstatement Form.
  3. If allowed to be reinstated, the student has a reasonable chance to succeed in the class given time missed, work they are permitted to make up, and the time left in the term.
  4. Reasonable accommodations can still be made to deadlines or other requirements so that the student can succeed.
  5. If the instructor decides to permit reinstatement, the professor will approve the student’s Request for Reinstatement Form in their Faculty Portal. If the student fails to attend during the first 7 consecutive days after reinstatement, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the course with no opportunity for reinstatement.
  6. If the instructor decides not to permit reinstatement, the instructor will deny the student’s Request for Reinstatement Form. The student will be informed of the denial, and that they may appeal the decision through the college’s grievance process, provided that no student will be reinstated without the full involvement of the instructor in that process.

Regardless of whether the instructor approves or denies the request, the student will receive relevant information, support, and resources in regards to their financial/billing concerns and their academic progress from the Office of Financial Aid and the Student Success and Advising Center.

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