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An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress.

SCI100 Basic Nutrition 3 Credits This course examines the basic principles of nutrition with a focus on the relationships of nutrients to health and fitness. Topics include basic dietary constituents, principles of body function, considerations for disease prevention and management, dietary regulation, dietary myths, food safety, and weight management. Student will also analyze current topics in nutrition and determine how cultural and social difference impact lifelong health.

SCI220 Holistic Health 3 Credits This course studies the attitudes and behaviors, which affect each individual’s health and wellness. The physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of health will be discussed in detail using a holistic approach to wellness. This course emphasizes each individual’s responsibility for his or her own health through developing a healthy lifestyle.

SCI230 Environmental Geology 3 Credits This course serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of geology as a scientific field, including natural hazards, resources, processes, and health. Students will examine fundamental geologic processes such as the rock cycle, hydrologic cycle, and plate tectonics. Particular emphasis will be placed on issues of climate change, sustainability, and human impact.

SCI240 Ecology Principles and Trends 3 Credits This course is designed to introduce fundamental concepts in the field of ecology. Topics include evolution, populations, communities, and ecosystems. At the end of this course, student will be able to understand ecological patterns and effecting factors.

SCI300 Genetics 3 Credits
This is an introductory course that covers transmission genetics, molecular genetics, and
population genetics, with an emphasis on problem-solving. Examples in both plants and
animals (including humans) are considered. This course includes a laboratory that is designed
to develop basic laboratory skills and illustrate concepts.
Prerequisites: BIO230, BIO230L and MTH105

SCI320 Advanced Nutrition for Healthcare Providers* 3 Credits
This course considers the basic principles of human nutrition and studies those factors that
influence nutritive requirements and maintenance of nutritional balance. The course examines
the relationships between proper nutrition and social, mental, and physical well-being and
studies the application of nutrition principles to the human life cycle. Topics include nutrient
functions, needs, sources, and developmental alterations to nutrition due to pregnancy,
lactation, growth, development, maturations, and aging.
Prerequisite: SCI100

SCI330 Advanced Pharmacology* 3 Credits
This course is a study of the science of pharmacology with emphasis on understanding the
impact of pharmacological intervention on the human body. This is an in depth examination of
the different classes of medications, side effects, interactions and contraindications. We will
also explore the impact of over the counter (OTC) medications and herbal remedies.
Prerequisites: ALH130, ALH130L or ALH165, ALH165L
Terms Offered: WI, SU

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