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SOC100 Sociology 3 Credits
This course will examine the organization through the lenses of an introduction to sociological
theory. It gives students of the course a perspective on a sound understanding of key
sociological concepts as well as insight into how sociologists view society and human beings.
Students will be introduced to sociological theories through review of foundational studies
and experiments.

SOC110 Marriage and the Family 3 Credits
This course includes the study of successful relationships, the family functions, mate
selection, communication, role equity, parenthood, and marital growth and fulfillment.

SOC200 Social Deviance 3 Credits
This course is designed to be a broad survey to expose students to the sociological aspects
of deviance. Topics to be covered include the dynamics of deviance, what qualifies as deviant
behavior in certain social settings and the public reaction to it, society’s approach to sex,
violence, theft, drugs and mental disorders, and how the deviant should be treated.
Prerequisite: PSY100 or SOC100

SOC205 Sociology of Religion 3 Credits
The social influence on religion raises many fundamental questions, especially when faced
with a variety of religious traditions and interpretations. This course explores the nature of
religious beliefs and practices, both in a historical and contemporary context.
Prerequisite: SOC100 or HUM105

SOC305 Social Movements 3 Credits
The course focuses on specific social movements and protests that helped to shape public
policies, politics, and society such as the Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights Movement, and the
Arab Spring. Students will analyze how and why people mobilize to create or prevent social
change as well as the specific factors that help to predict a movement’s success or failure.
Prerequisite: SOC100 or HUM105

SOC350 Social Responsibility 3 Credits
This course is designed as an interdisciplinary synthesis of learning for Central Penn College
undergraduates through the lens of civic engagement and social responsibility. Topics include
problem solving in contemporary society. Upon completion, student will have developed
awareness and skills to sustain and advance the communities in which they live. This course
requires interaction with outside agencies.
Prerequisites: HUM105 and SOC100

SOC400 Leadership in Society 3 Credits
This course is designed to expose students to leadership theories and influential social
leaders throughout history. Student will be familiarized with leaders that have inspired social
change and to modern leadership theorists.
Prerequisite: ENG102

SOC410 Race and Gender 3 Credits
This course offers a structural and systematic analysis of the intersections between race
and gender with a specific focus on issues on inequality, power, prestige, and opportunity.
Students will examine the social and cultural construction of race and gender, especially as
they relate to identity, institutions, media, and the workplace. The course’s primary objective
is to offer a conceptualization of race and gender as interlocking concepts that reinforce social
hierarchies and inequities.
Prerequisite: HUM105 or SOC100

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