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Student Conduct Policies

Classroom Disruption Policy
Faculty members may dismiss a student from the classroom if he/she performs the
following actions:
• Displays verbal or disruptive behavior that inhibits the professor’s ability
to facilitate a class.
• Creates an atmosphere not conducive to learning.
• Infringes on harassment policies set forth in this catalog.

The professor would contact both the offending student, the Retention Office, and
the Dean of Students as soon as possible following the incident. The student may only
reenter the classroom with the official written permission of the Retention Office or the
Dean of Students. If a student feels that he/she has been unfairly accused of an offense,
that student has the right to appeal using the grievance policy.

Alcohol-Free and Drug-Free Campus
Central Penn is committed to providing an alcohol-free and drug-free environment for all
students. The possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs is strictly
prohibited at any Central Penn location and may result in expulsion.

Firearms Policy
Central Penn does not permit any type of firearms on campus property, including
replicas. Replica firearms are only permitted on campus when they are pre-approved
by the Chief Public Safety Director and used only in conjunction with a theatrical
performance or approved classroom project/presentation.

Possession on campus of any weapons including, but not limited to: brass knuckles,
knives, tasers, firearms and incendiary or explosive devices including fireworks
is prohibited.

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