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Student Statuses

Students will be withdrawn from the College for failing to register for more than one
term. The student will be able to reapply for admission to the College following the
current admissions process. Readmission to the degree program or College is not
guaranteed. A withdrawn status might have both financial and academic consequences
that occur from a break from academic study.

Schedule Gap
Students that wish to take one term off of their academic progress can apply for a
schedule gap status. Schedule gaps can also be initiated by an academic dean, registrar,
financial aid, or faculty advisor. If a student fails to register for classes for a second
consecutive term, then they will be withdrawn from the College and will need to follow
the protocol for students who receive a withdrawn status. A schedule gap status
might have both financial and academic consequences that occur from a break from
academic study.

Leave of Absence (LOA)
The purpose of an LOA is to allow students, who have a documented medical or military
reason, to interrupt continuous enrollment up to 180 days at the College without having
to reapply for enrollment through the admissions department. An approved LOA may
have both financial and academic consequences that occur from a break in academic
study; therefore, the College highly recommends students speak to the appropriate
departments prior to applying for an LOA when possible.

Prior to taking an LOA students must complete a request form in their Student Portal.
The request form will give students the ability to upload their supporting documentation;
if a student does not have their supporting documentation at the time of completing
the request they can email it later to provided that it is
received before the deadline of in that particular term. The LOA process is for students
who have a documentable medical or military reason; therefore, students must provide
the reason for requesting an LOA as well as provide the College with the anticipated
date of return. Students taking an LOA for medical reasons must have a return date
that matches the recommended return date by the provider who completes their
supplemental documentation. The student must have an approved LOA letter prior to the
start of the leave.

If unforeseen circumstances, such as a medical emergency, prevent a student from
completing the LOA approval process in advance, the College will still grant the LOA
if the student is able to provide documentation for the unforeseen medical or military

An LOA may be granted at the sole discretion of the College. The College must
determine if there is a reasonable expectation that the student will return to their
program of study following the completion of the LOA. If the request for an LOA is
denied by the College, the student is expected to attend classes as scheduled. An LOA
may be granted for no more than 180 calendar days. Generally, students are limited to
one LOA in any 12 month period; however, a second LOA may be granted as long as the
total number of days does not exceed the 180 day maximum in any 12 month period.
Acceptable reasons for an LOA may include jury duty, military obligations, or
circumstances covered under the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, known as FMLA.
Circumstances that may be considered for an LOA include: the student is experiencing a
serious medical condition (physical or mental), the birth of a child, the student must care
for a spouse, child, or parent, or a recent placement of a foster child or adoption with
the student.

Upon approval of an LOA, the College will withdraw the student from the courses in
which they are currently enrolled and the student will receive a grade of “W” for each
course from which the student was attending.

Financial Obligations
Students who are approved for an LOA will not incur any additional charges for the
period covered under the approved LOA; however, there may be other financial
consequences as a result of the leave of absence. It is highly recommended that all
students, regardless of how they fund their education, speak to a Financial Aid Officer
to discuss the effects of the student’s failure to return from an approved LOA. One such
effect may be an exhaustion of some or all of a student’s grace period on student loans,
if applicable. If the student has any outstanding financial obligations to the College, they
must make the appropriate arrangements with the Business Office to remain current.
Return from Leave of Absence

Upon return from an LOA, students are permitted to continue in the academic program
they began prior to the LOA. The College strongly encourages all students returning from
an LOA contact the Student Success and Advising Center for assistance in registering
for the proper courses as soon as possible, as courses often fill quickly.
If a student does not resume attendance on the anticipated return date listed on the
LOA request form, they will be withdrawn from the College and may incur any applicable
fees associated with re-enrollment. The student’s date of determination is the date the
student began the LOA. All charges, refund calculations, and grades are based on the
student’s date of determination and are applied accordingly.

Point of Contact
The LOA Request Team can be reached at for any
questions a student may have about this process.

Military Gap
Students who are required to leave for military training during the academic term should
submit a “Request for Military Gap” form within their Student Portal. To be eligible for a
Military Gap, absence from Central Penn cannot exceed 21 days. Additionally, students
must provide necessary documentation to validate this request. Student Success
Coaches will receive the request, approve or deny it based on the student’s eligibility,
and help the student make arrangements with their instructors. If the request is
approved, the student’s status will change to “Military Gap,” making them exempt from
the Attendance Policy, and they will stay enrolled in classes providing they return to class
after no more than 21 days. Students will, however, be required to abide by the specific
arrangements that the Coach facilitates between the student and their instructors.

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