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Students will need to follow the procedure below if they are interested in transferring credits to Central Penn College from their high school or an accredited post-secondary institution:

  • Students must send a completed application for admission, noting the extent of their academic training beyond high school.
  • Students must request official high school transcripts to be sent directly to the admissions office.
  • Student must request official college transcripts to be sent directly to the admissions department from previously attended institutions they are wishing to receive a transfer evaluation from.
  • A transcript evaluation may be conducted with unofficial transcripts, once the student’s application is received, but will not be applied to the student’s permanent record until the corresponding official transcript is received.
  • The student is responsible for requesting official college transcripts to be sent directly to Central Penn from any previously attended institutions.
  • To receive transfer credit, Central Penn must receive official transcripts by the end of the student’s second term. If official transcripts are not received by the end of the student’s second term, students forfeit their ability to use transfer credits for work completed prior to enrolling at Central Penn.
  • Students must be actively enrolled in an academic program to receive transfer credit.
  • Courses which are parallel to courses to those offered at Central Penn will be awarded as transfer credits if a grade of “C” or better was earned in equivalent college level courses.
  • CLEP, DANTES, International Baccalaureate, A-Level, and Advanced Placement may also transfer.
  • Students will receive a listing of the transfer credits awarded and the courses remaining for degree completion.
  • The College reserves the right to administer an appropriate examination for transfer credits.
  • Students having any questions about this process should contact the Office of Records and Registration.
  • Students enrolled at Central Penn who wish to complete a college level course(s) at another institution, with the intent of transferring the course(s) into their program of study at Central Penn, are encouraged to make an appointment with the Transcript Evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration to determine if the course(s) can be transferred to their program of study at Central Penn.

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