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Course Descriptions
Course descriptions are organized in alphanumeric order. Information on courses can be
found under appropriate headings in the following sequence.

ACC Accounting
ALH Allied Health
ART Arts
BIO Biology
BUS Business
CHM Chemistry
COM Communications
CRI Criminal Justice
DEV Organizational Development
ENG English
FNA Financial Analysis
GEO Geography
HIS History
HON Honors
HSM Homeland Security Management
HUM Humanities
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies

INT Internships
LDS Leadership
LGS Legal Studies/Paralegal
LNG Language
MTH Mathematics
NUR Nursing
OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant
ORG Organizational Leadership
PHI Philosophy
PHY Physics
POL Political Science
PSY Psychology
PTA Physical Therapist Assistant
SCI Science
SOC Sociology
STS Student Success
TEC Technology

Course Numbering
• Pre-100 level courses are developmental courses that build specific skills and
knowledge areas needed for college success.
• 100 level courses are introductory courses, which take the format of a survey
course or a course that provides a basic overview of the key terms, theories, events,
and ideas.
• 200 level courses build on the information of the introductory courses to provide
more in-depth study of the basic information.
• 300 level courses are specialized courses that assume pre-existing knowledge
about the foundations of the discipline.
• 400 level courses are highly specialized courses that focus on specific topics in the

A student may not enroll in a course for which a prerequisite is stated unless the
prerequisite course or equivalent has been completed.*
*Some courses will require a minimum grade to progress in coursework. See course
descriptions for specific information.

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