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Academic Assistance

Our mission at Central Penn College is to provide an education that prepares our graduates to obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field, continue their education, and be contributing members of society. But every Central Penn student has unique strengths. And each also has areas where academic assistance can be helpful to complete their degrees. That's why Central Penn offer various avenues for students to hone their skills and prepare for future success.

Personal Advisors

At Central Penn, students are assigned to a College Advisor who will assist in developing an educational plan that will guide students through their educational experience. Through regular communication and personalized attention, students will be empowered to acheive their academic and career goals.

Student Tutors

Every student who tutors a course has received an "A" in it. Student tutors are available to help other Central Penn students who could use a little help from someone who knows the ropes. An active student tutoring list is distributed each term.

Central Penn students interested in tutoring should contact the Dean of Students. Students must have successfully completed the course they want to tutor with an "A." Students must also make a day/time commitment for the entire term. Students can receive credit for community service hours through student tutoring.

Student Services Counseling

Student Services provides a part-time, onsite counselor. Students may confidentially seek counseling by contacting the Student Services office in Bollinger Hall. Additional local contacts are also available for students experiencing difficulties.

Central Penn is committed to student success.

Students are required to take placement exams to determine proficiency in areas of English and math. Correct placement allows for students to begin coursework at a level where they can be successful.  If Central Penn cannot offer the levels of remediation necessary, developmental coursework may be required elsewhere, prior to becoming a fully matriculated student.


"I like SMARTHINKING, because when I don't feel like my papers are as good as they could be, I get advice on how to fix my errors and make them better."

Pamela Malkemes

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