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Affordable tuition is just the start!

You know the importance of earning your degree. You also know the cost of earning a 4-year degree from a private college has skyrocketed, putting it out of reach for many. Central Penn College is determined to bring the cost of your degree back to Earth. Affordable tuition is just the start. Our Affordable Housing Scholarship helps cover your on-campus room cost! Central Penn College puts your degree within reach!

Financial Aid, education is within your reach

With a little help, the cost of a college education is more affordable than you think. A majority of Central Penn students receive some form of financial assistance, including grants, scholarships or loans.

Our financial aid team’s goal is to ease the stress of paying for college and to allow you to focus on academics. Whether you’re coming straight out of high school or an adult continuing your education, we’re here to help!

Central Penn’s financial aid team will identify which scholarships and grants you may qualify for and will guide you through the process of applying for loans. Regardless of your financial status, our team will help you explore resources and secure funding for your education.

85% of Central Penn’s faculty and staff donate a portion of their pay to student scholarships.

How To Apply For Financial Aid

Let us walk you through the financial aid process step by step. Our financial aid process is simple and only consists of three steps!

Remember: The PHEAA hard deadline is May 1 and your federal tax returns must be completed and filed in order to apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Apply for Financial Aid

Central Penn’s Federal School Code for FAFSA: 004890.


Scholarships are monetary awards that do not have to be repaid. Central Penn College offers an extensive range of scholarships. More than $2 million in institutional scholarships are awarded annually to those who qualify.

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Students may be eligible for grants, which are monetary awards that they are not required to repay. Various grants may be available to qualifying Central Penn students. Explore your options!

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Loans are monetary awards that must be repaid by the borrower. There are various options available for those who qualify, from federal loans to private loans.

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Federal Work-Study

Work-study is a need-based federal program that provides students the opportunity to earn money to offset the cost of their education while working toward their degree.

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Military Benefits

The GI Bill ® program provides education benefits to veterans and service members who have at least two years of active duty.

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Employer Reimbursement

An employer tuition reimbursement agreement plan is available for students who receive tuition/fee reimbursement from their employer.

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Alternative Resources

We encourage you to explore your guidance office, libraries, churches, banks, civic and professional organizations, and your parent’s employers for other sources of scholarship money. Central Penn College offers private scholarships matching up to $1,000 to those who qualify.

Net Price Calculator

Use this calculator to make an early estimate of your total annual cost of attending Central Penn College. It is designed to estimate costs and eligibility for financial aid based on the information you enter about yourself and your family, if applicable.


What works best for you?

Central Penn’s financial aid team will work with you on an individual basis to determine what types of financial aid work best for you. Financial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, work-study positions and alternative resources.

Tuition, Fees and Schedule

There is a big difference between the price of a college education and what students or their parents will actually pay out-of-pocket. Let us break down the credit cost, fees and bill schedule for you.

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Additional Financial Aid Information

Sometimes the jargon used by the federal government and loan companies can be lost on the average consumer. Let us break down the terms and help you fully understand the process.


Downloadable Financial Aid Forms

In order to make the financial aid process as easy and painless as possible, we have provided you with downloadable forms. If you have questions about any of the forms, please contact the financial aid office at (800) 759-2727.

2024-2025 Forms

Note: The college reserves the right to change the tuition, fees and housing charges as necessary without prior notice. Informatin on this website should not be regarded as an irrevocable contract between a student or prospective student and Central Penn College.

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