Mission Statement

Central Penn College’s Mission Statement

Central Penn College opens opportunities to students from a variety of academic backgrounds by providing the education needed for employment and advancement in their fields.

Central Penn College’s Vision Statement

To become a leading resource for professional education in the central Pennsylvania region and beyond.


  • Integrity denotes behaving in a manner that reflects honesty, ethical behavior and civility in personal and professional dealings.
  • Scholarship denotes Central Penn’s emphasis on the development of students’ minds through critical thinking, problem solving and the use of intellectual resources.
  • Excellence denotes Central Penn’s desire to provide holistic support for students’ success in their academic pursuits and to equip them to recognize and realize opportunities for professional development.
  • Professionalism denotes Central Penn’s pride in providing students with a well-rounded set of skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, open communication and civility, which enables them to stand out in their respective fields.

  • Inclusivity denotes not only the rich diversity of Central Penn’s student body, staff, faculty and administration, but also an attitude that embraces and celebrates every member of the Central Penn community and the valuable lessons they can teach each other.
  • Community Service denotes both Central Penn’s purpose of creating a community where all students are welcome and to pass on that sense of community so that students will be motivated to make a positive impact in the community, society and world in which they live.

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