Housing at Central Penn College

Housing at Central Penn College
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At Central Penn College, our students don’t live in cramped dorm rooms. Their housing options include newly renovated Super Suites, where comfort, convenience, privacy, safety and beauty are built in.  And thanks to our one-of-a-kind Housing Scholarship, qualifying students in good academic standing can live rent-free on campus for four years—a $23,000-plus value.   

These real-world living arrangements provide each student with the benefits and responsibilities of adult life – all while providing a welcoming place to have fun and make new friends. Resident Advisors are on hand to help resolve problems and assist with adjusting to college life. Providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for living and learning is their number one goal.

Real World Housing Options

Super Suites 

Each of our newly renovated Super Suites feature seven individual bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 vanity areas, and a large common area. Students have their own room and only have to share a bathroom area with one other student.

Each bedroom in the Super Suites include:

  • A single bed (twin XL)
  • A dresser with drawers
  • A desk and chair
  • Closet Area

The common area includes:

  • A large sofa
  • An armchair
  • A coffee table
  • A mini-fridge and microwave
  • A large table with chairs
  • A TV stand

Accommodations for Special Needs

Central Penn values individuals who desire to overcome disabling conditions to achieve their academic goals and does not discriminate against students with disabilities and stands ready to assist when accommodations can reasonably be provided.

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Guest and Visitor Policy

Students are permitted to have one guest in their residence only if there are no objections from those residing within the unit. If a student does not want visitors to stay in the residence, other arrangements should be made.

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Free Housing Scholarship

Central Penn College’s Housing Scholarship is valued at over $23,000

Central Penn College is pleased to announce an expanded Housing Scholarship opportunity starting this summer for both current and future students! Eligible students will be able to apply for a scholarship that covers up to two years or eight consecutive terms of on-campus room costs. Although students are still responsible for utilities, this scholarship makes learning AND living at Central Penn College more affordable.

All housing scholarship recipients must comply with the following requirements:  

Length of Scholarship: Eight (8) consecutive terms once the award is disbursed.  Even if a student takes a term off, lives off campus, is dismissed, or withdraws, the calculation of the eight (8) consecutive terms will continue without interruption.

GPA Requirement: If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 (3.00 for students seeking a master’s degree) after an initial warning, the scholarship is removed until the student earns a 2.00 cum GPA for a term (3.00 for master’s degree seekers).

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP):  Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), whereby they must pass 66% of their classes per term and maintain a 2.00 cum GPA to maintain the housing scholarship (3.00 for a master’s). If a student violates the SAP policy, the housing scholarship will be removed.  

Dropping classes: A failure to keep the minimum number of credits required for your degree to receive the housing scholarship up to Week 6 of the term will result in the removal of the housing scholarship. Course nonattendance may also lead to the removal of the housing scholarship. 

Student Conduct:  Any student who receives more than four (4) points for misconduct will immediately forfeit the scholarship for any term remaining on the current scholarship contract.

Required Programming: Recipients must attend mandatory housing programs as required by the Housing Department, e.g., Housing Orientation.  Failure to attend any session will forfeit the scholarship for at least one term and until the requirement is completed.

Warning Term:  All students receive only ONE warning term regardless of the violation unless noted above.

For specific credits requirements please see below: 

Bachelor’s Degree Students: A student who takes nine (9) or more credits is eligible for the full award, up to double occupancy. A student who takes six (6) to eight (8) credits can be eligible for a half award, up to double occupancy. If a student takes five (5) or fewer credits, they are not eligible for the housing scholarship. Residential students must take at least 50 percent of their courses on-ground per term. 

Associate Degree Students:  Students must take six (6) or more credits to be eligible for the full award, up to double occupancy. Students who take five (5) or fewer credits are not eligible for the housing scholarship. Residential students must take at least 50 percent of their courses on-ground per term.

Master’s Degree or Certificate Students:  Students who take six (6) credits are eligible to receive a half award, up to double occupancy; students who take five (5) or fewer credits are not eligible. Residential students must take at least 50 percent of their courses on-ground per term.

UPMC Sponsor Students:  Students seeking these majors may receive the full scholarship award regardless of the number of credits taken.

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Note: The college reserves the right to change the tuition, fees and housing charges as necessary without prior notice. Information on this website should not be regarded as an irrevocable contract between a student or prospective student and Central Penn College.

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