Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

Jobs in Medical Billing & Coding are expected to grow 11% through 2028, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical Billing & Coding professionals (certified and non-certified) earn an average salary of $54,890, up 5.8% from last year’s average salary of $51,889. Medical coders without certification earn approximately $42,015 per year while certified professional coders on average earn $55,923 annually—33% more than their non-certified colleagues, according to the American Academy of Professional Coders. Ready to go? Apply today!

What Does a Medical Billing Coder Do?

  • Record and process patient data including treatment records, insurance information, bills and payments.
  • Set-up payment plans for patients.
  • Organize and verify patient records, bills and statements.
  • Code patients’ diagnoses and requests payment from insurance companies or individuals.

A New 9-Month Certificate Program

  • 18 Credits
  • 9 Months
  • Online classes
  • High-demand, healthcare career
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Medical Billing & Coding Certificate
Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

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Medical Terminology and Pharmacology
Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology I
Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology II
Medical Insurance
Diagnostic Coding
Procedural Coding

Careers in this field include

  • Certified Medical Coder
  • Medical Billing & Coding Technician
  • Medical Billing & Coding Specialist
  • Dental Insurance Coder
  • Practice Coordinator

People who thrive in this field

  • Detail-oriented
  • Customer-friendly
  • Problem-solver
  • Good with numbers
  • Collaborative
  • Independent worker
  • Multi-tasker
  • Enjoys working with others

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“Medical coders play a key role in the success of both medical and dental practices. This new certificate program provides students the knowledge and skills they need to join this growing healthcare field.”

– Anne Bizup, Interim Dean of Health Sciences

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