Dental Programs at Central Penn College

Dental Programs at Central Penn College

Central Penn College recognizes the urgency of addressing the shortage of Dental Professionals in Central Pennsylvania and has unveiled new Dental Assisting and Expanded Function Dental Assisting programs. These programs are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and practical experience to enter the dental field and make a meaningful different in the lives of Pennsylvanians.

Central Penn College’s dental certificate programs also offer college credits that can be used towards advanced degrees, providing students with the flexibility to continue their education in dental hygiene and expanded function dental assisting.

The College has made a commitment to quality education with an emphasis on meeting the state’s healthcare needs.  Through comprehensive coursework and hands-on training, Central Penn College ensures that students are well-prepared to serve as competent dental professionals.

Dental Programs

You can go from the classroom to the dental office in as little as 9 months

Learn to Earn

Central Penn College’s programs offer students the unique opportunity to earn living wages working in dental offices while pursuing their education and living affordably on campus.  The College can accommodate students from across the state, including those from underserved communities.

Dental program students can also apply for Central Penn College’s innovative housing scholarship. This allows students to affordably live on campus while completing their studies.

Dental Professionals are in HIGH-DEMAND

40% of dental practices nationwide report having open positions and are looking to hire new staff members. Among practices with openings, 90% report it is extremely difficult to find qualified workers.

For more information on any of these dental programs, please email and hit “refresh” on your future!

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