Education Foundation Board of Trustees

Education Foundation Board of Trustees

The Central Penn College Education Foundation Board of Trustees members are strongly committed to supporting worthy students at Central Penn with needed scholarships. The Trustees lead the Foundation through their expertise, their knowledge of our community, and their belief in the power of philanthropy to change lives. The Foundation is grateful for the service of this dedicated group of individuals.

Central Penn College Education Foundation Trustees

  • Michael Aumiller ’73
  • Jennifer Buehler ’91, Chair
  • Shawn Caulfield
  • Mary “Polly” Dietrich
  • Karen Gladstone, Secretary
  • Janel Leymeister, ERPA, CEBS – Treasurer

Ex-officio Member: Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams

  • Benjamin Lipschutz ’12
  • Gretchen Ramsey ’15
  • Cami Ressler, Past chair
  • Dr. Glenn Zehner, Vice chair

Past Trustees

  • Ron Bailey
  • Steve Blair ’74
  • Dr. J. Martin Engle ’29
  • Harolld Stahle ’44
  • Karen Arthur
  • George Irwin
  • Albert Peterlin
  • Frank Wedig
  • Robyn Holder
  • Ed Kraus
  • Karen Holtzman
  • Justin Coleman ’06
  • Janis Peck
  • Phyllis Hicks
  • Timothy Engle
  • William Boles
  • Merrick Shook
  • Dr. Dilip Abayasekara
  • Jennifer Delaye
  • Rachel Strella
  • Dr. Matthew Vickless
  • Curtis Voelker ’12, ’17
  • Sue Pera

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