Faculty Bio: Steven Scott

Steven Scott

Assistant Professor


  • Principles of Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • E-Business

Teaching Philosophy

As a business professor, my teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that knowledge must be practical and applicable. I strive to bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping students with the skills and insights necessary to thrive in the dynamic of business. I foster a collaborative and interactive learning environment, encouraging active participation, critical thinking and real world problem solving. I aim to connect theoretical concepts to practical scenarios, enabling students to grasp the complexities of the business landscape. Furthermore, I emphasize the importance of ethical decision-making and social responsibility, nurturing a sense of integrity and accountability in future business leaders. I am to inspire a lifelong love of learning and a mindset of adaptability, preparing students to navigate the evolving challenges and seize the opportunities that life ahead in their professional journeys.


Hi everyone! My wife and I currently live in Bloomsburg with our two cats. I have 3 children and one stepson. I have been teaching for the last six years, including at Bloomsburg University, McCann School of Business and at Luzerne County Community College. During my free time, I love traveling, going to the casino, visiting fairs, etc.


  • DBA – Doctorate of Business Administration (Marketing focus) – Currently taking classes at Liberty University. Expected graduation 2024/2025
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (Marketing focus) 2006 – Regis University
  • BS – Bachelor of Science Business Administration (Marketing focus) 2003 – Bloomsburg University



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