Central Penn College Opportunities Campaign

Central Penn College Opportunities Campaign

Central Penn College and the Central Penn College Education Foundation are committed to making history with our first-ever joint fundraising campaign under the theme of Opportunities. We invite you to learn more about this special opportunity to help revitalize our treasured institution coinciding with our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. As you will learn from this prospectus, the region is counting on us to deliver our career-focused education with a stronger focus on the “fit” our students seek.

Enhancing the “fit” students feel when they visit campus or enroll and attend their first courses means investing in academic programs to ensure state-of-the-art learning tools are available to every student in every discipline.

We must also invest in our athletic programs to grow the competitiveness and offerings of our USCAA Division II teams. Collegiate athletics are essential ways to build character, leadership, and lifelong communication skills among our students.

Most importantly, the atmosphere any visitor, student, or parent feels when they visit campus must be our proudest quality.

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