Financial Analysis Concentration Course Descriptions

Financial Analysis Concentration Course Descriptions 12 credits Students choosing the Financial Analysis Concentration take the following courses: FNA600 Organizational Financial Management 3 credits This opening course in the concentration will expose students to a broad application of financial theory and practice. The content will survey the principles of organizational finance related to financial analysis, capital […]

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions Students must complete 33 credits, which equals 11 courses. Courses subject to change based on curriculum review process. ORG500 Perspectives of Ethics and Leadership 3 credits This course is designed to prepare students to meet the ethical leadership challenges and opportunities they will encounter as emerging leaders in various professional fields. Ethics is […]


Technology TEC103 Survey of Windows 3 Credits This is an introductory course designed to have students work with five major Windows software application packages used in business. Students will use a hands-on approach in creating projects using word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, desktop publishing, and database software in addition to exploring options in how to integrate […]


Sociology SOC100 Sociology 3 Credits This course will examine the organization through the lenses of an introduction to sociological theory. It gives students of the course a perspective on a sound understanding of key sociological concepts as well as insight into how sociologists view society and human beings. Students will be introduced to sociological theories […]


Science An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. SCI100 Basic Nutrition 3 Credits This course examines the basic principles of nutrition with a focus on the relationships of nutrients to health and fitness. Topics include basic dietary constituents, principles of body function, considerations for disease prevention and management, dietary regulation, dietary myths, […]

Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistant A plus (+) denotes a C+ is required to progress. PTA100 Fundamentals of Physical Therapy+ 3 Credits This course teaches the concepts and scope of physical therapy and its relationship to other health care professions. The role the physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, and the physical therapy aide are discussed with emphasis […]


Psychology PSY100 Psychology 3 Credits This course is designed to be a broad survey to expose students to the major areas of psychology and to foster a basic understanding of the concepts and vocabulary of the study. Topics will include the history of psychology, the ethics of psychology study, the biological basis of behavior, the […]

Political Science

Political Science An asterisk (*) denotes a C is required to progress. POL200 The Origins of Modern Civil Liberties 3 Credits This course will trace the development of civil liberties in America. The course will consider several major topics including the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Civil War, Reconstruction and key court opinions. Other […]


Physics An asterisk () denotes a C is required to progress. PHY200 General Physics I 3 Credits This course is the first of a two-term sequence. It is intended to provide a general knowledge of the basic concepts of physics relating to mechanics, energy, rotational motion, fluids, thermodynamics, and waves. Physics is based on problems […]


Philosophy PHI105 Ethics 3 Credits This course is an introduction to the concepts, principles, and theories involved in ethics. Emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills as they apply to contemporary moral problems such as pornography, euthanasia, hate speech, the death penalty, and our obligation to others. PHI110 Political Philosophy 3 Credits […]

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