Technology Services

Students receive a student password and identification number account when they become an active student. Campus computers may be used to gain access to the Internet for research and other academic activities. Guests are permitted to use campus computers as long as they are accompanied by a student host. Computer labs are located in the […]

Student Activities and Organizations

During your time at Central Penn College, you will learn a lot – but not just in the classroom! Getting involved in our campus clubs and organizations will allow you to experience college in a completely new way! You’ll work as a team to achieve club goals, get to know classmates with different experiences and […]

Title IX

Central Penn College is committed to proving a safe and equitable educational environment. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. Sex discrimination includes, but is not to limited to: sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape, intimate partner violence, stalking, retaliation for […]

Disability Support Services

Central Penn College is committed to providing equality of opportunity to students with disabilities through a supportive academic and social environment. Students who self- identify as a person with a disability requiring auxiliary aids or academic adjustments should contact the College’s ADA Coordinator at or 717-728-2398.

Accessibility Services

Central Penn College is committed to making the campus and centers accessible to the needs of students with disabilities. Students requiring accommodations for any disability should contact the Title IX Officer & ADA Coordinator.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services of Central Penn College is dedicated to the promotion of holistic student wellness through the use of a safe and confidential environment that aids to encourage student exploration of both academic and personal concerns. The College provides on-campus counselors for all students (residential, online, commuter, continuing ed., Lancaster center, etc.), with continual access […]

Career Services

The mission of Career Services at Central Penn College is to provide inclusive and diverse career development services and resources that will prepare students and alumni to successfully obtain employment or advancement in their chosen field, or continue their education. The Career Services Department assists students with resume writing, cover letters, mock interviews, job search […]

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a collaborative and motivational space where students come to develop their writing and subject-specific skills, including math and accounting. Students pair up with peer or professional tutors to workshop their writing or practice subject- specific processes. Successful tutoring engages the student in productive conversation that addresses their needs and leads to […]


The Charles “T” Jones Leadership Library provides a variety of educational resources to enhance the college experience. The mission of the library is to provide a facility, services, and resources, which support the academic needs of Central Penn College. All students have access to books, periodicals, electronic and audio-visual resources, as well as interlibrary loan […]


Central Penn College’s new student orientation in conducted prior to students attending classes at Central Penn College. This orientation is for all new incoming students including residential, commuting, and online students.

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