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Enrichment Classes

Thank you for your interest in the Central Penn College Community Enrichment Program! The program is currently paused and will be offered at a later date. Once a new offering date is chosen, this page will be updated to reflect those changes.

For questions, please contact:

Curtis Voelker
Director of College Relations

Central Penn College is offering 30 online courses that community members can audit on a non-credit basis as part of our Enrichment Program. It’s a great way to gain an incredible amount of knowledge at little cost!

Participants can choose from a wide variety of subjects, including business, marketing, communications, criminal justice, legal studies, mathematics and more.

There are three levels of Enrichment participation:

  • Audit – participants can simply audit the course where no work is required.
  • Certificate of Completion – they can earn a certificate of completion by earning a passing grade on the discussion board assignments.
  • Earn Credit – they can complete the course in its entirety (with a grade of C or higher) and then transfer the course into a Central Penn degree program by paying the current credit hour fee within two terms of completion. The credit hour fee is $494 per credit hour.

Textbooks are optional for most courses but are highly recommended. Some courses have a Course Material fee, which is required. These courses are noted on the application. 

Enrichment Courses are scheduled to be offered for our upcoming Spring Term starting in April. Participants are limited to one course, and there is a $25 registration fee.

If you have any further questions, please contact

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“As a full time working mom considering starting a master’s program, I was beyond excited at the opportunity to take an enrichment course; eager to see if I was ready for my next challenge. As I dove into the coursework, I was immediately able to start applying the new concepts I was learning into my daily work life. The professor was very professional and prompt with replies. Overall, my experience with Central Penn’s enrichment program was overwhelmingly positive, if given the opportunity again, I would do it in a heartbeat!”

-Allie Kipple, Enrichment Participant Spring 2020

Available Courses

  • Accounting I
  • Nonprofit Accounting
  • Medical Administrative Procedure
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Issues and Trends in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Introduction to Business
  • Finance I
  • Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • Money & Banking
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Training & Development
  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Writing For Public Relations
  • Writing for Broadcast Media
  • Crisis Communications
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Psychology of the Criminal
  • Organizational Psychology
  • College Composition I
  • College Composition II
  • Selected Topics in Literature
  • Fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis
  • Contracts
  • Business Law
  • Basic Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Perspectives of Ethics and Leadership
  • Dimensions of Leadership
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Survey of Windows
  • Microcomputer Systems
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