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The Bridge Podcast

 Stories of Courage, Resilience and Innovation with Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams

If there were one college president who is ideally suited to host a podcast, it’s Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams. Like many college administrators, she’s a well-spoken, dynamic presenter, but more than that… she was an actual drive-time radio personality. 

And not just at some small, low-powered station either, but rather at WSPK, a 50,000-watt behemoth whose signal reached into New York City as well as parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Fedrizzi-Williams was the newscaster and a co-host of the top-rated “Woodman in the Morning” show. 

Now, 15 years after leaving the airwaves, Fedrizzi-Williams is back behind the mike, as the host of The Bridge, a twice-monthly podcast that will feature discussions with government officials, business and nonprofit leaders, alumni, faculty and students. 

“The Bridge is an opportunity to showcase people who are overcoming the odds and making a difference in our communities,” said the Mechanicsburg resident. “Our goal is to tell insightful, moving and inspiring stories, and tell them in a fun, entertaining way.” 

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