Student Housing Guest Policy

Student Housing Guest Policy and Visitors

Students are permitted to have one guest in their residence only if there are no objections from those residing within the unit. If a student does not want visitors to stay in the residence, other arrangements should be made.

All guests must complete the COVID-19 Screening form before being admitted to campus.

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A guest is any person who is not a full-time resident of the specific apartment or suite.

Guest Visitation

All guests, including residential students, may not enter a residence prior to 9:00 a.m., and guests must leave campus residential units by 10:59 p.m.

Non-Student Guest Overnight Visitation:

The following apply to Non-Student Guests/Hosts for Overnight Visits:

  • Overnight visits are permitted only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
  • Cannot arrive on campus before 5:00 p.m. on Fridays and must leave campus no later than 10:00 p.m. on Mondays.
  • Must be registered using the online form and in person at the Public Safety Department Office before entering a residence hall.
  • All guests may not enter a residence prior to 9:00 a.m. and must be registered by 10:59 p.m.
  • Must show a valid picture ID and vehicle information.

Central Penn Student Guest – active Central Penn Students must adhere to all guest polices, with the exception of appearing in person at the Public Safety Department office for an overnight visit.

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Guest Registration

Overnight guests, may not stay more than two consecutive nights during the weekend period (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Student hosts are permitted to have 10 guest days per term, including weekends. Guests of students are permitted to stay for a total of 10 days per term, including weekends. Guests are reported utilizing the Guest Registration Form found on the website under the campus life link /guest and non-student guests must also register at the Public Safety Office. Upon receiving a guest registration, a Resident Assistant will conduct a guest meet and greet. 

Registration of overnight guests is necessary so the college can identify those individuals staying on campus, in the event of an emergency. All guests must comply with Central Penn policies while on campus. It is the host’s responsibility to inform their guest(s) of Central Penn’s policies. As a host, the student will be held personally responsible for any violation of college policy committed by his/her guest(s), regardless of severity. For safety and security purposes, each unit will not exceed 8 guests.

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There are four Blackout Periods


  • Term Start (week 1) Move In Day – Friday
  • Midterm week (week 6) Monday – Friday
  • Finals week (week 11) Monday – Friday
  • During term breaks (No guests are permitted)

These Blackout Periods allow all residential students to focus on their academic success or allow college personnel to complete inspections/repairs.

Accountable for Guest(s)

Working with an RA, students within a unit should create an agreement which identifies behaviors that they will find acceptable from guests and overnight guests in an effort to make having guests comfortable for everyone. These agreements will need to be in alignment with college policies and cannot infringe upon the rights of others. Roommates are expected to resolve problems created by their visitors and respect other roommates’ right to privacy, quiet, and feelings of safety. If these rights are infringed upon, the guest(s) must leave, as the other roommates’ rights take precedence.

In the event guests are unescorted by a host student, they will be asked to leave campus. All overnight guests must have a valid form of photo ID while on campus. All guests/visitors to campus are subject to the laws, rules, and regulations governing behavior in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and at Central Penn College. Student and/or guests shall not engage in any criminal or illegal activity, or any activity creating a nuisance or disturbance, affecting other persons or violating college policies, including, but not limited to: loud parties, music, televisions, radio or other sound equipment, engaging in loud talk, or acting in any way that disturbs others. Any guest involved in activities deemed threatening, reckless, hazardous, criminal, disorderly, or threatening or activities that contradict the policies of the college shall be immediately evicted from the property. The host student agrees to cooperate in the peaceful eviction of such a guest. All actions of an invited guest are deemed to be the actions of the student, and the student may be held responsible up to and including being found in default of their lease agreement.

Unauthorized Guests Residing In Residence Halls

Unauthorized Guests Residing in Residence Halls Residential units leased by the student are not intended as living accommodations for transients, nonstudents, nonresidential students, or for students not assigned to that residence. Any student found to be hosting an unauthorized guest is in direct violation of the Central Penn College housing lease agreement. 

The Chief Public Safety Director and the Residence Life Director shall conduct a swift, thorough, and joint investigation to determine the facts of each suspected policy violation. The results of the investigation shall be adjudicated through the college’s Judiciary Process. If an unauthorized guest is found to be residing in a residence hall, the college reserves the right to impose the following penalties: 

Assigned Occupant

  • First Offense: $200 fine and loss of Guest Privileges for the remainder of the current term. 
  • Second Offense: $500 fine and immediate Suspension from Campus Housing. Prepayment/security deposit for housing will be forfeited, all personal property must be removed from the residence, and residence hall keys must be returned to the Student Services Office within 48 hours, as outlined in the Central Penn College housing lease agreement.

If feasible, the student may complete the current term online, and will be issued a Limited No Trespass Order. 

Unauthorized Guest – Non Student

  • First Offense: Removal from campus and issuance of a Full No Trespass Order. 
  • Second Offense: Criminal Trespass charges will be filed.

Unauthorized Guest – Student

  • First Offense: Limited No Trespass Order (Student is limited to academic and support buildings, not permitted in housing).
  • Second Offense: Removal from campus and issuance of Full No Trespass Order.
  • Third Offense: Criminal Trespass charges will be filed.

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