Thaddeus Stevens

Thaddeus Stevens and Central Penn, partnering for success

Central Penn College makes transferring your Thaddeus Stevens credits fast, seamless and simple. Students can apply up to 75 of their credits from Thaddeus Stevens to one of Central Penn’s parallel bachelor’s degree programs and up to fifty percent of their credits toward an associate degree.

Students from Thaddeus Stevens will work with our detail-oriented admissions team to develop an evaluation plan to complete their degree requirements. Speak with one of our financial aid coordinators about grants, scholarships and loans today.

Thaddeus Stevens Graduate Scholarship

The $500 Thaddeus Stevens Graduate Student Scholarship is available to new students who have graduated with an associate’s degree from Thaddeus Stevens and are transferring to Central Penn to further their education. This scholarship is divided over the first two terms of study at Central Penn. Official Thaddeus Stevens transcripts must be provided with scholarship application.

Recipients are selected on the following criteria

  • Must have graduated with an associate degree from Thaddeus Stevens and provide official Thaddeus Stevens transcripts

Transfer Student Scholarship

Transfer Student Scholarships are available to full-time students. Scholarship recipients will be awarded $1,000 to be applied to their first three terms of tuition. Transfer Student Scholarships are awarded to all qualifying student applicants. 

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