The Banner

The Banner

Inspired by the benevolent deeds of our noble Knights family, who have demonstrated themselves to be givers of the highest order.


Thank you for belonging to this most exclusive roundtable!

This online publication presents a golden opportunity to spotlight the many devoted supporters we remain so grateful to have in our midst. Although Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams’ President’s Reception was nearly a full three months ago, we are still riding on an emotional high and a tidal wave of gratitude, fueled by the record-setting fundraising totals we tallied that night. The goal we had set was exceedingly ambitious, and to see that lofty objective surpassed in just a few brief hours—and in such a major way –remains heartwarming beyond words.

With “The Banner,” we hope to express yet another heartfelt “THANK YOU” for opening up your wallets, purses, and hearts to our students. We also pledge to continue to build more bridges to keep that momentum going. Your gifts are already having an immediate impact on our campus and in student lives. As we advance forward, we will show how your generosity is fueling our students’ growth and shaping the future of the local economy and the midstate’s magic.

With more than $421,000 raised through our President’s Reception, our goal of raising $10 million by 2025 is within reach. By enriching our triple-A’s—our Academics, Atmosphere and Athletics –Central Penn College will be an even richer source of opportunity for students who deserve it, and for area employers who are eager to hire skilled graduates!

As it is so often stated, the highest “thank you” is expressed, not in words, but in deeds. The “Banner” is part of our unrelenting mission to showcase good deeds and advance the public good through the lifelong power of education.

You have changed the course of student lives, many of whom are fighting their own private battles. To echo the words of Marcus Aurelius, “What we do now echoes in eternity.”

Like the colorful banners raised in battle, our “Banner” salutes the united force charging forward to give our students the wins they need to succeed in life.

Duane & Sue Greenly

Growing Greenly: Our FIRST Noble Knights

Duane and Sue (Basar) Greenly have the warm familiarity and natural banter that grows out of more than 50 years of marriage. No one would

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JESSICA RITCHIE President, UPMC Pinnacle Foundation

UPMC: Helping to provide life changing education

In partnering with Central Penn College, UPMC has extended its mission to also help provide life changing education, and our students are finding immediate success

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Dr. Michael Verber

Fighting Tooth and Nail for Access to Dental Care

Hoping to make a difference, Verber has partnered with Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams and Central Penn College to educate and train a new generation of Pennsylvanians

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Virginia “Ginny” A. Roth

Virginia “Ginny” Roth: Speaking Up for Others

That simple act of caring had a lasting impact on Roth, and lies at the heart of her decision to help Central Penn students find

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Frank & Karen Gochenauer

Helping Students Take Flight

Shatzer worked with his wife Karen and Director of the Education Foundation Sandy Box to launch a scholarship in his name. He also helped to

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Knights’ Quest

Members of the Knights’ Quest join an elite circle of partners who are united in their support of preserving and strengthening the College’s legacy of career-focused academic excellence. Initiatives our members have funded include student scholarships,
recruiting star faculty, and upgrading and expanding some of the region’s most useful and accessible education facilities, expanding athletics, and more.

Knights’ Quest is comprised of four giving societies based on annual giving, and one circle based on total lifetime giving. Annual gifts to the Central Penn College Education Foundation, Central Penn College, or the Central Penn College Alumni Association all count cumulatively towards annual society membership.

Join a Higher Society!

What giving level works best for you?

  • Nobel Knights: Lifetime Circle and Planned Gifts
  • 1881 Society: $75,000-plus
  • Bridge Society: $25,00-$74,999
  • President’s Society: $5,000-$24,999
  • Knights Society: $1,000-$4,999 annually

Ways to give

  • Corporate Matching Gifts
  • Memorials and Tributes
  • Planned Giving
  • Gifts of Stocks
  • Gifts from your IRA

To PLEDGE, contact:

To raise your donation level, or to share these opportunities with others who may wish to join, please contact Billy Morrison at (717) 728-2275 or or visit

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