Coronavirus-related Absences

Good afternoon,

Earlier today Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams released the college’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  It is inevitable that some employees may have to self-quarantine for a period of time.  This waiting period will be specific to each individual and determined on a case by case basis.  Most of our staff and faculty have the capability to work from home.  Each cabinet member will confer with the leaders of their respective organizations to determine who can work from home and what technology individuals may need.  In the next day or two, Tom Parker will communicate with everyone concerning technology tools available and specific needs. 

In the event you are asked to leave work for a waiting period, the following will apply.

You will be paid if you are able to work from home.

Hourly employees should keep track of their hours worked, but it is our intention to pay your regularly scheduled hours.  As is always the case, you need management approval to work overtime.

If you are not doing any college-related work on a regularly scheduled work day, then you should enter PTO.

If you do not have capability to work from home or if you are sick, you may use extended illness bank (EIB) or PTO.  We recognize that it is early in the year and many of us do not tend to use our paid time off benefits until later.  We will work with individuals on a case by case basis to address specific leave-related issues resulting from self-quarantine.

Should you become ill during your waiting period, please notify Human Resources so we can initiate a short-term disability claim, if applicable.

Officials have suggested that it could be difficult for people to get notes from doctors releasing them to return to work.  If you haven’t been to a doctor during the waiting period, we will just ask that you certify you are symptom free upon your return. You should make return arrangements through Human Resources.

Thank you,

Maggie Lebo

Executive Director, Human Resources

(717) 728-2406 | (717) 732-7166 (Fax)

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