Phone System Updates for Auto-attendant/Phone Tree

Hello Everyone,

Moving to remote work has required a change to Auto-attendant/phone tree for the phone system.  Calling groups have been updated to have calls directed to specific extensions for the Staff offices.  Those specific people will then route the calls to the desired employee.  This is the best option, given the current system capabilities for the situation.

Students and others callers can search for staff or faculty extensions by name in the directory (so they can leave you messages.)  Make sure you have your name recorded in the system if you want callers to be able to look you up by name.  Directions for doing this were included in an email from March 20 about phone tips for remote work. Please contact the helpdesk for assistance installing and configuring the Mitel Mobile application so you can receive calls on your mobile device as if you were at your desk.  

Faculty: Please reference your extension in your Blackboard course page for students.

To hear the phone tree/auto attendant, you can call 1-800-759-2727 or 717-732-0702.

Please contact the help desk at 1-866-291-4357 or for any questions or help


Tom Parker
Chief Information Officer

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