Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certificate

Starting and running a business is challenging enough. Why do it the hard way?

Take care of your business with the Entrepreneurship & Small Business Certificate program. Learn the business essentials that will save you time and money… and help you make more money in the long run as a business owner.

This 9-month program is perfect for people who want to learn business essentials fast, so they can either start their own business or make their current business even more successful.

Build Your Business

Small businesses are the engine of the economy. They drive innovation… solve problems… and create jobs. And despite the challenges, the best entrepreneurs––through knowledge, skills and hard work––find ways to succeed.

Pivoting for the Unprecedented

This new Entrepreneurship certificate program includes specific, pandemic-related content, with the purpose of enabling current and future entrepreneurs to adapt and pivot quickly when circumstances change.

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Entrepreneurship and small business Certificate
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Business Accounting
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Human Resources
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Consumer Behavior (elective - must take 1)
Business Law (elective - must take 1)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a Context of Crisis (elective - must take 1)

Careers in this field include

  • Small Business Owner
  • Restaurateur
  • Software / App Developer
  • Landscaper
  • Web Developer
  • Franchisee
  • Event Planner
  • Tradesperson

People who thrive in this field

  • Self-starter
  • Risk-taker
  • Adventurous
  • Bold
  • Leader
  • Creative
  • Hard-working
  • Problem-solver

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“If you’re a current business owner and want to get better at running your business, this program is for you. Future entrepreneurs––get the business background you need to succeed!”

– Benjamin Lipschutz, Interim Dean of Professional Studies

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