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Sports Management (Business Admin. Concentration)

If you are passionate about sports and are the one who naturally runs with the ball in team settings, why not try to race to the top as a business major with a concentration in sports management? By combining your affection for athletics with your daily occupation, your everyday work life can be a labor of love. Take your skills from the gymnasium to the corporate boardroom, and your highest goals can be yours.     

Central Penn College now offers business majors the opportunity to build a concentration in sports management on their pathway to a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  These targeted courses will help prepare you to lead at the professional, semi-pro, college and recreational levels.  From recruiting athletes to showcasing the team, a sports management concentration will give you the fundamental business training you need to build your own personal brand as you delve into real-world issues in the wide world of sports. 

Sports is big business, and it continues to grow. Just take a look at the sums spent on Super Bowl commercials and product endorsements from fan favorites. Careers in the sports industry are predicted to grow by as much as 26 percent in upcoming years, according to federal labor experts.

Program offered

On-ground, online, hybrid


General Issues in Sports Management
Sports Ethics and Leadership
Advanced Sports Management
Sports Coaching
Principles of Marketing
Public Relations

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Careers you can pursue

  • Athletic director
  • Athletic trainer
  • Coach
  • Contract negotiator
  • Event coordinator
  • Public relations manager
  • Sports agent
  • Sports psychologist
  • Corporate wellness coach and more.

You will succeed if you are...

  • Competitive
  • Athletic-minded
  • Natural leader
  • Team player



86% of our graduates were employed in their chosen field or continuing their education within one year of graduation.

* Based on graduates whom we have information during a one-year period from 2020-2021.

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