Central Penn College launches new 2023 Fall Start Scholarship

Central Penn College is offering a new 2023 Fall Start Scholarship to students who plan to begin their studies in the fall term, which begins October 10.

The scholarship is worth up to $6,500, with full-time students eligible to receive $500 a term. For those taking under nine credits, the scholarship is worth $250 a term, and can be awarded to both associate and bachelor’s degree students.  

To apply, visit www.centralpenn.edu/scholarships or simply fill out the form below!

The “Fall Start” scholarship can be combined with other scholarships.

Central Penn’s leadership, under President Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, has placed a high priority on keeping tuition affordable and developing the most contemporary, career-relevant programs and degrees to reflect the current marketplace, including new programs in sports management, corporate leadership and dental assisting.

Don’t sweat the Fall stuff

Any student applying to begin classes during our summer term which begins on October 10, can apply for a Fall Start Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help students make their education goals more attainable in 2023!

For and bachelor or associate degree student taking 9 or more credits, the scholarship is for $500 per term, and for students taking less than 9 credits, the scholarship is for $250 a term. Essays are reviewed by a committee and students will be notified within 3 days if they have been awarded the scholarship. Students must maintain a 2.0 and be continuously enrolled.

This scholarship could be valued at up to $6,500 and can be combined with other scholarships!

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