Central Penn College Expands Housing Scholarship to Two Years ($11,600 savings)

Central Penn College is pleased to announce an Expanded Housing Scholarship starting this summer for both current and future students.

Eligible students will be able to apply for a scholarship that covers up to two years or eight consecutive terms of on-campus room costs. Although students are still responsible for utilities, this scholarship provides up to $11,616 of support to make learning and living at Central Penn College more affordable.

“We are delighted to offer this scholarship opportunity to current and incoming students,” said Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, president of the college. “Making college more affordable has been a top priority of mine since becoming president in 2018, and this Expanded Housing Scholarship provides significant savings to students.”

Central Penn College is pleased to announce an Expanded Housing Scholarship starting this summer for both current and future students.

In 2019, the college launched its Free Housing Initiative, which covered up to one year of on-campus room costs for incoming students. The Summerdale-based institution was the first college to offer such a scholarship and is still the only one to do so.

“The pandemic has increased the financial stress on our students and their families. This expanded scholarship is one way that we as an institution can alleviate some of that stress,” said Fedrizzi-Williams.

To qualify, students must attend full-time, be in good academic standing and meet all other scholarship requirements.

Part-Time Students are Eligible, Too

Part-time students enrolled in degree or certificate programs can apply for a partial housing scholarship that covers up to $5,808 or half of on-campus room costs, excluding utilities, for eight consecutive terms.

“Many adult learners—who are trying to change or advance their careers by enrolling at Central Penn—also face housing insecurity issues,” said Dr. Krista Wolfe, vice president of academic affairs and provost. “The expanded scholarship gives these students a viable option for affordable housing if they face such a need.”

Added Bonus

After the initial two-year scholarship period, full-time students may reapply for the scholarship to complete their bachelor degree program. “With the Expanded Housing Scholarship, students could potentially have up to four years of rent-free, on-campus accommodations,” said Fedrizzi-Williams.

“In total, that’s a $23,000+ scholarship. No other college or university in Pennsylvania offers such a generous housing scholarship,” added the Central Penn College President.

For more information about the Expanded Housing Scholarship, go to: www.centralpenn.edu/housingscholarship.

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