Central Penn College gives Cannabis Business Certificate the green light

Cannabis Business

As the federal government debates whether cannabis should be moved from a Schedule I to a much less restrictive Schedule III drug, and the state explores whether to follow surrounding states to legalize and tax recreational marijuana, the time is now to prepare for the many business opportunities that may soon emerge in this shifting landscape.

Central Penn College is ready to prepare students for this budding industry, with a new nine-month Cannabis Business Certificate program.  

“Central Penn’s Cannabis Business program offers a unique opportunity at the perfect time,” says Mike Cattermole, Program Director of Business at Central Penn College, who has taught cannabis business courses at other colleges. “Students can gain specialized knowledge and practical skills to excel in this exciting field, either through a standalone certificate or by integrating the coursework into a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.”

The program explores various aspects of the cannabis industry, encompassing legal and regulatory frameworks, the medical applications of cannabis, effective business strategies, marketing tactics specific to cannabis products, and leadership approaches within this unique market.

This industry is estimated to reach a value of $73.6 billion by 2027 (Grand View Research).  By equipping students with sought-after skills like cannabis patient care and advocacy, regulatory compliance, product analysis, and marketing expertise, the program positions graduates for success.

The fast-paced certificate program allows graduates to be job-ready in a short timeframe, in an industry expected to experience a projected 161% job growth by 2029 (Forbes). The specialized skillset gained sets graduates apart from the competition in a crowded job market. The program offers the flexibility of online learning, allowing students to complete the coursework on their own schedule.  The skills learned are also transferable across various business sectors.  For students seeking a more comprehensive education, the credits earned can be applied toward a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or associate degrees in entrepreneurship and small business or marketing.

“The program offers practical knowledge and skills for real-world applications, setting students apart in an industry that is destined to grow exponentially,” Cattermole said.

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