Central Penn College Launches Innovative 2+2 Pathway for Aspiring Healthcare Leaders

Central Penn College Launches Innovative 2+2 Pathway for Aspiring Healthcare Leaders

Central Penn College, a leader in career-focused healthcare education, today announced the launch of a new 2+2 bridge program to empower healthcare professionals to seamlessly transition into leadership roles.

This pathway allows students to earn an associate degree in a high-demand healthcare field at Central Penn College, begin a rewarding career, and then continue their education toward a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (HCM) – all while working full-time.

Central Penn College offers a variety of accredited associate degree programs in healthcare, including Medical Assisting, Occupational Therapy Assisting, Physical Therapist Assisting, and Surgical Technology. These programs prepare students with the essential skills and knowledge to enter the workforce quickly.

As an added incentive, many employers in the healthcare field offer tuition reimbursement programs.
By enrolling at Central Penn College, students can earn their associate degree in 18 months, and complete an internship and their bachelor’s degree in as little as a year-and-a-half thanks to the college’s accelerated term schedule. This saves students time and money, allowing motivated students to complete the 2+2 program in as little as three years.

“The beauty of the 2+2 bridge program lies in its seamless transition,” said Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Provost Krista Wolfe. “Students can leverage their existing associate degree from Central Penn College and effortlessly apply the credits towards the Health Care Management program. This 100% online bachelor’s degree program provides the flexibility working adults need to advance their careers without having to leave their current job.”

While Central Penn College offers its own associate degrees in several healthcare fields, the HCM program also welcomes students with associate degrees from other accredited institutions.  These specialties include Respiratory Therapy, Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Medical Information Technology, Cardiovascular Technology, Paramedicine, and Dental Hygiene.

Investing in Your Future:

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management equips graduates with the business and leadership skills needed to excel in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. The program’s curriculum delves into key areas like healthcare policy, healthcare delivery strategies, resource allocation, and effective leadership models.  Graduates gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle complex challenges, make informed decisions, and contribute to improved patient care outcomes within healthcare organizations.

About the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management (HCM) Degree:

The HCM degree program is a 120-credit major designed for healthcare professionals with an associate degree and, ideally, a professional credential in a healthcare field. The program curriculum combines core business and management courses with specialized healthcare management content, preparing graduates for supervisory, management, or educational positions within the healthcare system.
For more information about the 2+2 bridge program and the BSHM degree, please visit CentralPenn.edu/HCM.

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