Central Penn College Partners with Members 1st Federal Credit Union to Invest in their Associates  

Central Penn College’s Center for Workforce Excellence announced a new partnership with Members 1st Federal Credit Union to provide an educational experience in higher-level management skills, including emotional intelligence, leadership development and interpersonal communication. 

The 11-week training, began April 10 and will be offered fully online for maximum convenience.  

The first course, entitled “People, Growth and Purpose,” focuses on the link between emotions and behavior in the workplace. Critical thinking skills and emotionally intelligent communication strategies will be taught.

The second course, entitled “Corporate and Leadership Communications,” will begin in the summer term, focusing on conflict management skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, assertiveness, and offering and responding to criticism.

According to Central Penn’s Director of College Relations Curtis Voelker, “We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to share our strong, relevant academic offerings with the associates of Members 1st. When you are on the job, new issues emerge all the time, demanding innovative solutions our trained instructors and personalized curriculum can provide.”  

Associates will earn six credits total, which can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree in business if they choose to continue their education with Central Penn College.

For more information on how your organization can create an education experience with Central Penn, visit the Corporate Education page www.centralpenn.edu or please contact:

Curtis Voelker
Director of College Relations

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