Central Penn College Pins Healthcare 70+ Students

More than 70 Central Penn College students training for careers in medical assisting, phlebotomy, surgical technician, physical therapy assisting, and occupational therapy assisting were formally “pinned” in an evening ceremony in the college’s Conference Center, as hundreds of parents, children, spouses, and friends cheered them on.

The practice of “pinning” healthcare workers began in the 12th century to honor those who helped warriors injured in battle, according to Dr. Anne Bizup, Ph.D., RN, Dean of Central Penn’s School of Health Sciences, who served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Student speakers for each field included the following:

  • Jenna Hackart, Medical Assisting
  • Nicole Verbecken, Phlebotomy
  • Ellyn Weaver and Chloe Bomberger, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Brook Herbe, Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Briana Riley, Surgical Technician

Each speaker thanked their loved ones and instructors and spoke about how difficult but rewarding their journey was. Many students were also working full-time while attending classes or were raising children. Family members brought flowers and took dozens of photographs.

“I’ve learned so much; I’ve gained so much confidence, and the faculty here has been amazing,” said Verbecken, who is doing her externship with UPMC.

Students must scale one final hurdle–passing a final board exam –before entering the field.

The ceremony closed with the students reciting the “Health Occupation Creed,” in which they pledge to “treat each person with respect and love.”

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