Central Penn College Relaunches Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership to Meet Growing Demand for Business Leaders

Organizational Leadership

Central Penn College, reaffirming its commitment to career-focused business education, today announced the relaunch of its Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership degree program. This strategic move aligns with the college’s mission to return to its roots as a leader in business education, preparing the next generation of qualified managers for the ever-evolving job market.

The current business landscape faces a significant shortage of qualified and properly trained leaders and managers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 10% growth in management occupations over the next decade, far outpacing the average growth rate for all occupations. This gap creates a crucial need for individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate complex challenges, motivate teams, and foster an environment of growth and productivity.

“Central Penn College’s revamped Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program addresses the critical need for trained business leaders head-on,” said President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams. “This interdisciplinary program combines theory with real-world application, giving students a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles. Graduates will be prepared to excel in various leadership roles across diverse industries.”

These skills include the following:

  • Motivating and inspiring teams
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Ethical leadership practices

Benefits for Students and the Community:

“This relaunch offers a win-win scenario for both students and the midstate business community. Students gain the education and skills needed to launch successful careers in leadership and management. Employers, in turn, benefit from a pool of qualified candidates ready to fill the growing demand for managers in the region,” Dr. Fedrizzi-Williams added.

The relaunch of the Organizational Leadership program is particularly timely as Central Pennsylvania experiences significant economic growth. With an aging population, a shortage of qualified managers could hinder this growth. This program ensures a steady pipeline of talented and well-trained leaders prepared to step into vacated positions and take on new management roles created by expanding businesses.

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