Central Penn College Unveils New Dental Scholarships to Address Area Shortage of Dental Staff

Central Penn College is stepping up to address the growing need for skilled dental professionals by offering not only career-relevant training in state-of-the art facilities, but 11 new scholarships for students in their dental programs. 

These scholarships aim to make careers in 1) dental assisting, 2) dental treatment coordination, and 3) expanded function dental assisting (EFDA) more accessible and affordable to aspiring professionals.

The new scholarships are funded by Verber Dental, Benco Dental, and the Verber Family Foundation, and range between $1,000 to $5,000.

 “We are thrilled to partner with the Verber Family Foundation to offer these scholarships,” said Sandra Box, Director of the Central Penn College Education Foundation. “By making dental education more affordable, we are not only helping students achieve their career goals but also investing in the future of dental care in our community. The need for skilled dental professionals is critical, and these scholarships will play a vital role in addressing this growing shortage.”

The scholarships include the following:

  • Charles Cohen & Rebecca Binder Dental Assistant Scholarship
  • Central Penn College Charles Cohen & Rebecca Binder Scholarship (for dental hygienists)
  • Charles Cohen & Rebecca Binder EFDA Scholarship (Expanded Function Dental Assistant)
  • Verber Leadership in Dental Hygiene Scholarship
  • Verber Dental Rising Knight Scholarship
  • Shelly Verber Dental Assistant Scholarship
  • Dr. Stephen Verber Emerge Dental Scholarship
  • Verber Dental Treatment Coordination Scholarship
  • Verber Family Foundation CPACTC EFDA Scholarship
  • Verber Family Foundation Dental Scholarship Fund
  • Shelly Verber Dental Treatment Coordination Scholarship Fund

Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria, including academic performance, program enrollment, and financial need. Applications for the scholarships are now open. Interested students can find more information and apply online at CentralPenn.edu/Scholarships.

Central Penn College offers a unique co-op program that allows dental program students to earn while they learn, gaining valuable paid experience working with local dental partners.

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