Central Penn College’s Dr. Wolfe serving on two state task forces

When healthcare experts are needed, our faculty are ready to serve!

Dr. Krista Wolfe has been invited to serve on two task forces with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The task forces meet weekly to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first task force is the COVID-19 Health Equity Response task force, and it is comprised of more than 130 individuals from all over the state.

Led by David Saunders, director of the Office of Health Equity with the DOH, the group is examining how the pandemic is impacting certain communities in  Pa. harder than others. The team will monitor data, mitigate the virus at the community level, and be in place for the long term to nullify the effects throughout the continuum of the arc of the virus. The goal is to coordinate and administer resources from the Governor’s Covid-19 task force on Health Disparity.

The second task force is a subset of the COVID-19 Health Equity Response Team. It is the Department of Health’s Equity for 65 and Older task force. The team will focus on the aging population and discuss ways to assist the elderly during the pandemic. The team is intended to be the implementation team that will monitor data and mitigate the virus at the community level.

Dr. Krista Wolfe appointed to PA State Board of Physical Therapy

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