Central Penn Dental Assistant students showcase expertise

As the end of their certificate program approaches, dental assistant students in DEN150 recently showcased their expertise in a crucial aspect of dental health—recognizing and understanding diseases relevant to the dental office. Each student was assigned a specific disease, then asked to research, and present findings to their peers. The goal of this project was to enhance their knowledge on these diseases, prepare them for the challenges they may encounter in a dental setting, and most importantly discuss their direct relevance and correlation to dental health.

By understanding etiology, dental assistants can better comprehend the potential impact on oral health and formulate effective strategies for patient care. Another crucial aspect covered in the presentations was recognizing the signs and symptoms associated with each disease. Dental assistants need to be adept at identifying these indicators, as they often serve as early warning signs. By familiarizing themselves with these cues, students are better equipped to assist in the management of oral health conditions and can offer advice and instructions to patients, such as reducing the likelihood of transmission, and various prevention strategies.

Dental assistants are essential in educating patients about maintaining good oral health and adopting practices that reduce the risk of various diseases. Through awareness and preventive measures, they play a vital role in promoting overall well-being. Armed with in-depth knowledge about diseases, their causes, symptoms, and especially prevention strategies, these students are equipped to contribute significantly to the dental profession.

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