Central Penn Launches Short-Term Bookkeeping Certificate Program

Starting in the fall term, students can earn a certificate in Bookkeeping in just nine months. The new 18-credit Bookkeeping Certificate Program––which is offered online and in-person at the Lancaster Center––provides students the financial background they need to successfully enter this vital career field.

“Bookkeepers are often the unsung financial heroes of large and small companies,” said Ben Lipschutz, Dean, School of Business and Professional Studies. “They perform the vital, day-to-day functions that ensure operational effectiveness.”

“Companies, especially smaller ones, need an employee with financial expertise on their team, and for many organizations, this employee is a bookkeeper,” said Lipschutz.

Bookkeeping certificate at Central Penn College

Accelerated Schedule, Faster Results

Students in the program will take two courses a term for three terms, earning their Bookkeeping Certificate in less than a year!

Central Penn College operates on a year-round schedule of quarterly, 11-week terms. “Our accelerated schedule is built for working professionals who are ready to change careers or make the leap to the next level,” said Lipschutz, who teaches a variety of business courses.

To learn more about the Bookkeeping Certificate Program or to apply, go to: www.centralpenn.edu/bkc.

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