Enrichment Classes Now Enrolling for Summer Term at Central Penn

Central Penn College is offering 30 online courses that community members can audit on a non-credit basis as part of our Summer Enrichment Program. It’s a great way to gain an incredible amount of knowledge at little cost!

Participants can choose from a wide variety of subjects, including business, marketing, communications, criminal justice, legal studies, mathematics and more.

There are three levels of Enrichment participation:

  • Audit – participants can simply audit the course where no work is required.
  • Certificate of Completion – they can earn a certificate of completion by earning a passing grade on the discussion board assignments.
  • Earn Credit – they can complete the course in its entirety (with a grade of C or higher) and then transfer the course into a Central Penn degree program by paying the current credit hour fee within two terms of completion. The credit hour fee is $494 per credit hour.

Textbooks are optional for most courses, but are highly recommended. Some courses have a Course Material fee, which is required. These courses are noted on the application.

To view our full list of summer Enrichment courses, visit: CentralPenn.edu/learn.

The deadline to sign up is July 5. Participants are limited to one course, and there is a $25 registration fee.

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