Lancaster PTA Students Celebrate their Success

On a muggy, mid-September evening, more than 100 friends and family gathered last week at the Calvin G. High pavilion to witness something extraordinary––the largest PTA cohort in the history of the Lancaster Center receive their pins.

To an outsider, the pinning ceremony may not seem that big of a deal––just another academic exercise. But for the 26 physical therapist assistant (PTA) students and their families, it signifies the successful completion of the academic portion of their program. That means no more exams and tests (once finals week is over). It also means that students will soon be out in the field, applying what they learned in the classroom during their two seven-week internships… bringing them that much closer to entering the workforce as a PTA.

And for those who were in attendance, it was an evening to remember.

Class Camaraderie

Two students Niki Hunt and Jayme Goldkind delivered funny, heartfelt remarks celebrating their classmates and the challenging journey they’ve been on for more than a year. Goldkind also put together a video that featured all of her classmates, bringing smiles and laughs from the crowd.

Hunt talked about the diverse backgrounds, ages, geographical locations and life experiences of her fellow students, yet how they all came together… “I realized that the common denominator for all of us was that this program was not easy for any of us,” she said. “We all were juggling full and busy lives outside of this PTA program. At times, it was just plain HARD.”

She continued: “But here is the good news… we can do the hard things. I repeat: We can do the hard things! The fact that you are all sitting here tonight is proof that each and every one of you can do the hard things. Be proud of yourselves for coming to class each night, putting in the work, doing the hard things, and getting it done!”

On the way to the stage, students received congratulations from adjunct instructor Michele Bolton, full-time instructor Stephen Campbell and PTA Program Director Nicole Patterson. On the stage, Dr. Lori Eberly (pictured at right) presented pins to either students or their designees. About half of the students brought their spouse, sibling or child to attach the pin their shirt or dress. Many students opted to have Dr. Eberly do the honors.

The pinning ceremony for the Summerdale PTA program will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m.

Congratulations to this year’s Lancaster Center recipients!

Note: A total of 30 students are in the cohort. Four students weren’t in attendance.

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