Recap of the Inaugural Thespies at Central Penn College

The first-ever Thespies occurred Saturday at the Capital BlueCross Theatre (CBCT) in honor of the venue’s fifth anniversary. Since 2014, the theatre––under the direction of Janet Bixler––has produced 22 main stage productions, five CPPlayers’ children’s plays and eight screenings for the Humanities Film Series.

The Thespies recognized the theatre’s best supporters and performers, with the highest award being the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). Continuing with the animal theme, smaller honors were dubbed “Billies.”

Director of Campus Engagement Adrienne Thoman won the Faculty/Staff GOAT for her appearances in multiple productions, as well as her work behind the scenes. Other winners include Paul Miller, Diane Porterfield and Maria James-Thiaw, who authored a number of productions including Reclaiming My Time.

Thespies at Central Penn

Complete list of winners


• Billy the Builder – Robert Zaccano and Mandi Hurley
• Billy the Therapist – Tammy Wilburn
• Billy the Baker – Maxine Bixler
• Community GOAT – Ashley Mahdavi


• Billy the Promoter – Paul Miller
• Billy the Stalwart – Diane Porterfield
• Billy the Muse – Maria James-Thiaw
• Faculty/Staff GOAT – Adrienne Thoman


• Billy the Willing – Danielle Farber
• Billy the Butterfly – Marnie Baker
• Billy the Constant – Ashanti Conover
• Billy the Drama Queen – Teta Gaye
• Student/Alum GOAT – Morgan Littleford

Upcoming production

Tickets are now available for CBCT’s inaugural dinner theatre production: MacJingle All the Way: An Elf Mafia Murder Mystery on Friday, Dec. 6, at 6:30 p.m. Prices are $15 for students; $20 alumni; $25 faculty/staff; $30 general admission.

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