Summer Term 2020 Faculty and Staff Information

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

All classes for the summer term will be offered online. 

With the start of the summer term less than two months away, we want to give early notice to the campus community about how the summer term will be conducted, so everyone can prepare now. Our hope is that we can return to offering in-person classes at the start of the fall term, which begins on Monday, October 5. 

Where We Stand Today 

Central Penn College will continue to follow the guidance and recommendations provided by the Governor’s Office, the PA Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Pennsylvania is using a three-color system to denote the safety of each county. This Friday, May 22, the Summerdale campus, which is located in Cumberland County will move to the Yellow Phase, and the Lancaster Center, which is located in Lancaster County, will remain in the Red Phase, which is the most restrictive designation. 

When the move from the Red to Yellow Phase occurs, the college intends to have some staff return to campus under specific conditions and restrictions.  

Students are not permitted to return to campus when Cumberland County is in the Yellow Phase. However, we will seek permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Education to conduct specific Health Sciences classes––those with labs and clinical competencies––in-person during the Yellow Phase. 

When the county is moved to the Green Phase by the Governor, the college may reopen its campus facilities to students. Reopening means students will be allowed back into housing and on-ground instruction may resume. We expect there will be operating restrictions as mandated by the PA Department of Health and the CDC when under the Green Phase as well. 

If during the summer term the Governor moves Cumberland or Lancaster County to the Green Phase, all classes would still be conducted online, except for those Health Sciences classes with labs and clinical competencies. In addition, some student support services will be available in-person during the summer term, if we move to the Green Phase. 

To be clear, Central Penn College will not be returning to full operating status while in the Yellow Phase. The majority of employees will continue to work remotely offsite. The goal is to protect the health and safety of employees who do work on campus. This starts with placing a maximum focus on preventing the virus from entering the campus environment and spreading in buildings and from employee to employee. The Cabinet has created an extensive operational plan for reopening the Summerdale campus and the Lancaster Center. Please note that this plan is a living document and will be updated regularly based on information we receive from the PA Department of Health, the CDC, and other regulatory agencies, so check this site often. Do not print the plan as is and refer to it, because it will change. This is an internal document for employees only. 

As a result of the summer term being conducted online, the Cabinet has made the decision to reduce by half the $310 “technology” fee, which encompasses not only technology use, but also student activities, supplies, transportation to events, etc. 

Rising to the Challenge 

In this time of disruption, I appreciate your flexibility and resiliency. 

I know that some of you had to convert in-person classes to an all-online format during the final weeks of winter term. I thank you for your willingness and ability to adapt quickly to a changing set of circumstances. That “can-do” spirit is one of the strengths of this institution and its people. 

We continue to innovate… to evolve… and to get things done. As a small, career-focused college in a region populated with well-regarded private and public institutions, we have shown our mettle time and time again by offering quality, in-demand programs and degrees that change our students’ lives for the better. 

In 2004, we became one of the first colleges or universities in this area to offer online courses. With our 16 years’ experience of delivering online education, the college was able to transition fairly seamlessly to an all-online format. There were a few bumps along the way, but that’s to be expected in such a situation. I am certain that our early adoption of online education will continue to pay dividends in the coming months and years for this institution. 

Like you, I look forward to the time when we can return to some sense of normalcy. Our campus is such a vibrant, energetic and joyous place, especially this time of year. I miss seeing the walkways overflowing with students… engaging in hallway conversations with staff and faculty… and just the normal, day-to-day interactions with all of you.  

Thank you for all that you do. Stay safe and take care. 

Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, President

Central Penn College Summer Term 2020 FAQs

Will my classes still start on July 6? October 5?

Central Penn College will be following the Governor’s phased reopening plan and not opening the campus for on-ground instruction until Cumberland County is in the Green Phase. Summer term will begin as scheduled on July 6. The College anticipates all summer term classes in the School of Humanities and the School of Business and Professional Studies will be conducted fully online. Once Cumberland County is in the Green Phase and on-ground instruction is permitted, the College will operate selected Health Sciences labs, skills instruction, and assessments face-to-face. When the Governor announces a date for Green Status, the College will be in contact with Health Sciences students.

Will I have to be online?

For summer term 2020, yes, all classes will be online. If the Governor places Cumberland County in the Green Phase for reopening, some selected Health Sciences labs will be conducted on-ground. The College will follow all CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines for masks, social distancing and size of gatherings when in the Green Phase.

What does online classes mean?

Central Penn College has been a leader in our region for online education since 2004. Whether a student takes classes in a physical or virtual classroom, the quality of instruction is the same. Each online class will conduct interactions and activities in a unique manner. However, the College uses a single virtual classroom environment (Blackboard). All virtual classrooms will look similar, but like on-ground classes, once you enter the room, interactions with your professor and fellow students will be unique. All lectures, discussions, course materials, tests, quizzes, homework, etc. will be conducted in your virtual classroom.

If I cannot move in on July 5, will I get an extra term of free housing added on?

Yes, the housing scholarship award will be extended when students are allowed to reside on campus.

Can I still use my scholarships?

Yes, all incoming institutional student scholarships that are awarded through the student’s financial plan are still awarded.

Can I waive my $250 housing deposit or include it in my financial aid (FA) package because my parents are unemployed at the moment?

Please communicate with the Department of Financial Aid to discuss how housing deposits impact your financial plan.

Can I get more in FA grants if my parents are now unemployed?

Financial aid support is dependent upon a number of variables and a significant change in current and future earnings could impact the calculation. As each person’s situation is unique, it is best to schedule a time with the Department of Financial Aid to review the specific circumstances.

Will classes be different (size/set up) after we are allowed back on campus after the crisis?

Yes, the College has assessed each classroom and computer lab and has established a maximum capacity and furniture configuration for each room based on social distancing guidelines as set by the PA Department of Health and the federal CDC. On-ground class sizes will vary based on the size and configuration of each classroom.

Will all classes be blended if we are only allowed to have so many students in class?

Some classes will use a blended approach. A blended course contains both online components and on-ground components. Most times, the lecture and required content (readings, videos, etc.) are delivered online so students are introduced to new material at their own pace. This allows classroom time to be focused on discussions and activities that apply what was learned online.

Will I have to wear a mask to attend class?

When students are allowed to return to campus, the College will be following the PA Department of Health and federal CDC guidelines in place at that time. If masks are required as part of these measures, then students will be required to wear a mask they provide. Masks will be available for those who need one.

What is CPC doing to follow CDC guidelines to keep my child safe?

Central Penn will follow and adhere to all PA Department of Health and federal CDC guidelines in place when students are allowed back on campus for classes. This will include requirements at that time around social distancing, cleaning, face-covering and temperature monitoring. The College is arranging for a health care professional to shape, implement and monitor a comprehensive plan in compliance with the guidelines. The intent is to provide a high level of health and safety protection for all students, staff and visitors to the College’s locations in Summerdale and Lancaster, Pa.

Will athletic programming be offered in the summer and fall terms and how will the college’s decision impact my eligibility?

Central Penn College is awaiting the guidance and decision from the USCAA athletic conference scheduled to be announced June1. Once the conference announces its plans for either continuation of sports programming or cancellation, the College will follow its recommendations regarding conference play. Additionally, the College plans to offer institutional-level programming for student athletes upon the fall return to campus. This will include reduced intramural play, sports training opportunities and player development/engagement programs.

If we can’t move on campus in summer will my free housing/meal plan money be refunded or applied to future terms?

If students are unable to move on campus during the summer term, any funds charged and paid for housing or meal plans for the term will be refunded to students. For students with a housing scholarship, the scholarship will be applied to the next term and extended for an additional term.

If students are required to attend classes online, will you provide me with a computer?

The college and our Education Foundation are currently researching options to assist students in need of technology so that they may learn effectively in an online environment. Please communicate with the Department of Financial Aid on options that may be available for you.

If I am on a payment plan and cannot make a payment due to still not working during COVID-19, will I accrue fees or will you work with me?

The College’s business office staff will work with students on an individual basis to arrange payment plans that consider the economic disruption being experienced in the country.

Will I graduate high school? How will you calculate my GPA?

Individual high schools make the determination of whether a student will graduate from high school and will send a final high school transcript after the school year is completed. Students also must complete a high school attestation stating that they will be a high school graduate by the time they start classes at Central Penn. If at the time of application, a student is unable to obtain their final high school transcript, their most recent transcript received will be reviewed using the above criteria while awaiting final grades. While COVID-19 has caused some uncertainties for the 2020 graduating class, this is a common practice each year for students starting their summer classes with the College.

Will lab fees for medical classes be refunded if online?

Ultimately, it is expected that all health sciences students will receive their required lab instruction, even if at the end of a term or after a term ends. If this does not occur, then lab fees will be refunded to specific students as appropriate.

How will my child be able to use a meal plan if on ground? Is the dining hall taking precautions (i.e. limiting amount of students in café, sanitation, food prep, etc.)?

When students are allowed by the state to move back on campus, the Knight & Day Cafe also will need to be approved by the State to be open to serve meals. When this occurs, the College will adhere strictly to the requirements and guidelines in place for food service operations, including social distancing, traffic flow, limiting the number of customers at one time, cashless payment system, continuous cleaning and disinfecting, food preparation, and monitoring of staff.

How will the college continue to monitor the COVID situation once students are back on campus (i.e. enforcing masks, temp checks, cleaning of facilities, cleaning of super suites, dining, etc.)?

When students are allowed back on campus by the Governor, it will be with restrictions and guidance from the PA Department of Health and the federal CDC. The College will establish protocols in compliance with these requirements and guidance for the health and safety of all students, staff and visitors to the Summerdale campus and Lancaster Center. The protocols will include provisions for social distancing, wearing of masks, cleaning and disinfecting of facilities and residence suites, temperature monitoring, feeding of students, and isolation requirements.

Will I still get my roommate information if we are online for summer so I can get to know them?

If students are unable to move on campus during the summer term, then students will not be provided residential assignments until before the start of the fall term. Students are assigned to their own room in a suite, but will have suite mates.

How will I be able to access accommodations if we’re online?

Disability Support Services currently offers online accommodations and will work with students to ensure all relevant accommodations translate to an online environment. Testing accommodations, assistive technology, and other standard accommodations easily translate online. Questions regarding accommodations can be directed to Disability Support Services at or 717-728-2398.

Will services continue online for the summer term? When will in-person services begin to be offered for students?

With Summer term instruction occurring online, Student Services will continue to be provided virtually as being done during the Spring term. At the point that students are allowed back on campus by the Governor, in-person services for students will resume. Depending on the restrictions and guidance in place when students are allowed back on campus, services may be provided by appointment and with appropriate social distancing.

Does the college offer any support services for students directly impacted (illness, essential workers) by COVID-19? What is in place to help progress/assist students who might have missed important academic content due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Central Penn College is taking all health and safety precautions and planning considerations to safely welcome students back to campus for the Fall 2020 term. In addition to these steps, the College is developing additional resources that will be offered on campus for adversely impacted students due to COVID-19. These services will be managed by our student alert team and will serve to triage students individual academic and non-academic needs.

I am a residential student and would like to retrieve my belongings from campus if the college is online. When and how will I be able to do this?

The College’s Department of Residence and Student Life will notify residential students of the ability to retrieve their belongings. To provide for health safety and social distancing, students will be required to make individual appointments and follow specific protocols when on campus. Appointments will be scheduled starting in the later part of May and continue into June as needed.

Will the college continue to offer activities and events remotely? Will on-campus student life programming resume once students are allowed back on campus?

Student engagement and activities will continue to be offered online for students in the Summer term. The college will make modifications to scheduled programming in the Fall term that support health and safety protocols. Student activities will involve a scaled offering for programming in the fall but will be offered within reasonable capacity.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are being required to take classes online until further notice. Is the expectation that on-ground classes now held online will be synchronous or asynchronous?

As with all classes, decisions like this will be made by each professor and will vary by class. When the college was forced to transition to fully online courses for the Spring term, some classes are meeting synchronously at their assigned class times and others are not. On the first day of the Summer session, please read the course syllabus and engage with your professor to ensure expectations for the class are clear. If you have questions or something in the syllabus is unclear, please speak up quickly and ask your professor what their expectations are for the class.

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