Where Are They Now? Alumni Spotlight: Paige Pendl

For our second edition of Alumni Spotlight: Where are They Now? we feature multi-sport athlete Paige Pendl, who was a standout member of the women’s soccer and basketball teams. She graduated in 2017 with PTA degree. Join us on this journey as we catch up with Paige…  

1. What is your fondest memory from Central Penn College? 

“The best memory I had at CPC was the bond that I got to make with my classmates, as my classes were small, which helped me gain new friends and have a better learning experience. I also cannot forget about my journey with the athletic programs, as it will be something that I cherish the rest of my life.”  

2. What accomplishments are you most proud of CPC? 

“Definitely getting my degree from CPC was an accomplishment that I was proud of because the Physical Therapy Assistant program was intense, and it proved that I could do anything with my career. The next accomplishment that I am proud of was trying something new like the women’s basketball program with CPC’s Athletic Director Kasey Hicks. I’m thankful for faculty and staff like her who push us beyond our comfort zones. Because of that [type of encouragement], I also went on to be a captain on my soccer and basketball teams and gained strong leadership skills that I will use for a lifetime.”  

3. Where is your current place of employment?  

“I currently work at Select Physical Therapy in Connecticut.”  

4. What is your current job title and what does the position entail?  

“I am a Physical Therapy Assistant, and the role entails several duties to treat patients through exercise, assess patient health, encouraging patients to get back to do what they love doing following an injury. I also have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes as I am currently working with a professional soccer player from the New York Red Bulls who are part of Major League Soccer.”  

5. Are you still playing any sports right now? 

“I have taken up a new sport, which is not basketball nor soccer, but I am involved with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” 

6. Did you have an opportunity to continue your sports career? If so, where and what are your plans? 

“I had the opportunity to play in an adult basketball recreation league with friends in Connecticut.”  

7. What is one thing Central Penn Athletics taught you that you carry with you today? 

“Having the opportunity to build up my communication skills as a leader on my teams––with the addition of teamwork, time management, commitment and showing respect––are all the skills that have helped me be where I am today with my career. Athletics was a huge part of my college experience that I will always carry with me in my future career.”  

 8. What advice can you give current students? 

“I encourage current students to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstance. Believe in yourself, while blocking out others who do not believe in your aspirations, and lastly, do not be afraid to try something new! Open up to the people who inspire and push you!”  

9. If you can recall, why did you choose to attend CPC? 

“I chose CPC because I loved the Physical Therapy Assistant Program, especially since it was accelerated. I also liked moving far away to get the independence that I was looking for. I was also looking for a challenge in my life and I am proud that I chose the college while accomplishing what I wanted to do and reaching my goals.”   

10. What was your favorite non-athletic activity at CPC? 

“I had the opportunity to be the vice president of our Physical Therapy Assistant Club, which allowed me to take trips with my club members. The trips included social responsibility opportunities, as we helped out at a local barn, helped children with special needs, and took the opportunity to volunteer at the local Special Olympics. I’m so grateful for all of my time spent at Central Penn!”  

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