A Message from President Fedrizzi-Williams on Recent National Events

Dear Students,

During this tumultuous and emotionally charged time, I want to be clear that the Central Penn College community continues to stand for justice, equity and the constitutional rights of every citizen of this country. The events of the past week do not reveal new challenges, but they are a new opportunity for us to stand up as leaders and take concrete steps to change the ways our communities value and embrace diversity.

During this stressful, upsetting and scary time, your college is here for you. My door is always open. My email is officeofthepresident@centralpenn.edu. The administration and all the departments are here for you, as well as all of your professors and instructors.

We may not have all the answers, but we will listen to your concerns. We also will provide guidance on additional resources, if so requested.

Our Student Support Services team includes a variety of helpful resources:

It is incumbent upon every student, alumni member and employee of Central Penn College to recognize that change begins with us. Our words and our actions––or even our silence––has consequences.

Although we may not have the answers, we promise to create a safe environment, while supporting and honoring your feelings, even if we may not fully relate to your exact experiences.

I know that you are thinking critically about how you can be a positive force for change at this moment, to demonstrate the courage to exercise your rights, to peacefully protest, and to express your opinions as afforded to them by our Constitution.

The actions of police who have failed to live up to their duty to protect and serve do not incriminate or discredit the work of every member of law enforcement. The actions of people who seek to use tragedy to cause chaos and further pain should not be allowed to overshadow or drown out the peaceful and positive voices of change that are rising across the country. As a community, we are working to be a positive force to end the racism and aggression that have become too commonplace in our nation where we are called to be so much better than we have become.

In the days and weeks ahead, Central Penn College will be joining with other institutions of higher learning in this region to listen to the voices of those who are often silenced or ignored, and we will do the difficult, self-reflexive work of examining our own prejudices and practices.

We will come together in a virtual forum to listen and share stories of how institutional, systematic and individual acts of racism have led to a lifelong experience of rage, disempowerment and injustice. When we are able to gather on our campuses once again, we will examine, with greater resolve, the racism and systemic inequities in our criminal justice, housing, medical and education systems that have gravely endangered historically marginalized communities. 

As former President Barack Obama said, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Together, let us make the necessary changes to be the change we seek!

President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams

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