Central Penn College’s Allied Health students achieve milestone

Although Central Penn College’s Allied Health pinning ceremony didn’t take place this fall because of COVID, the college celebrated the students who achieved this major milestone in their education. For students in the Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy Technician, Occupational Therapy Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant programs, the pins symbolize the successful completion of the academic portion of their program.

These students are recognized for their hard work and dedication to studying for their field. Each pin signifies that the knowledge and skills the students have learned will be used to identify and meet the needs of those for whom they act as caregivers.

Central Penn College also recognizes the families and friends of these students for the support that they have given during the students’ educations.

Students by program:

Medical Assisting

  • Amanda Auker
  • Valerie Coleman-Frantz
  • Tabitha Dougherty
  • Debra (Katt) Fischer
  • Sierra Forester
  • De’Ijahki Heyward
  • Tiffani Hossler
  • Stephanie Koontz
  • Ashleigh Matter
  • Fraberlin Reynoso
  • Jessika Mead Shuller
  • Jenna Wieder


  • Makael Anderson
  • Alison Anderson
  • Kaitlyn Aukamp
  • Shawna Buckwalter
  • Caitlin Dreese
  • Amanda Ellenberger
  • Fawn Fix
  • Haley Garber
  • Kalen Grater
  • Kimberly Hess
  • Emily Rothfus
  • Ashley Schwalm
  • Tiffany Slonaker
  • Jaime Yoder
  • Amber Cassel
  • Amrit Chhetri
  • Kristin Henderson
  • Sara Holtz
  • Regina Kimmel
  • Cecilia Lua
  • Margaret Niland
  • Megan Pressler
  • Hailey Swartz


  • Lisa Armour
  • Tabitha Dougherty
  • Stephanie Koontz
  • Deepa Parajuli
  • Laura Pechart
  • Kailee Radabaugh
  • Jessika Mead Shuller


  • Austin Arroyo
  • Danielle Artiles
  • Ashlyn Bornman
  • Emily Brocht
  • Melissa Chase
  • Kristopher Davis
  • Gleim, Danie
  • Kodi Haymes
  • Lindsay Humes
  • Kaylee Hunter
  • Trevor Kolp
  • Ryleigh Kurtz
  • Margaux Large
  • Lauren Leshko
  • Brady Lloyd
  • Rachel Loboda
  • Shannon Martin
  • Sara McCormick
  • Patrick Navin
  • Kyle Neal
  • Caitlin Petro
  • Marissa Rabold
  • Cole Roberts
  • Amanda Ruschak
  • Marissa Sempeles 
  • Brittanie Silk
  • Dominique Thomas-McClurkin
  • David To
  • Tahje Wade 
  • Donna Wagner
  • Madison Wiley
  • Holly Willing
  • Kasey Wire
  • Hunter Wray

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